What we stand for

Thrives believes that we can reverse the rapid growth of poverty in Washington County by improving access to essential resources that help establish a foundation of long-term economic security.We recognize that there is no silver bullet, no magic pill, no quick fix. But progress is possible! For every family that finds a safe, stable, and affordable home, for every person who receives training that helps land them a decent paying job, for every child whose mind is enriched by an early learning environment, the ripple effect in the community is palpable.

Leverage is essential! - Thrives recommends combining programs that work today in affordable housing, workforce training, and early learning to increase their collective impact. For example, hard-working parents that seek affordable housing would likely benefit from workforce training to obtain better-paying jobs, and if they have young children, they may qualify to enroll them in a quality pre-K program that gives their children a head start in school.